Our Team

Kelvin Teo | Managing Director

Kelvin Teo is the Managing Director of POSH Kerry Renewables, spearheading the strategic expansion and growth of the business. He holds a concurrent position as Director of Business Planning and Projects in POSH, with the responsibility of exploring opportunities in new business segments and setting up overseas offices in key markets.

Kelvin has more than 10 years of experience in the offshore marine industry. Under PSA Corporation's Management Associate Programme, he was rotated to various business segments in commercial, logistics and offshore marine from 2002 to 2006. He joined POSH in 2006 as Deputy Marketing Manager, and his responsibilities included exploring business opportunities in new markets and management of the chartering team. Kelvin was appointed Divisional Director of the Offshore Supply Vessels ("OSV") Division in 2016. He directed the division and oversaw the growth of the OSV fleet at POSH.

Kelvin holds a Master's Degree at Yale University and a BSc in Economics (1st Class Honours) at London School of Economics.

Harry Wu | Senior Manager, Business Development

Harry, a local Taiwanese,  joined POSH Kerry Renewables as Senior Manager, Business Development and works closely with the Managing Director to advance the growth of the business and ensure the smooth running of day-to-day operations. His responsibilities include the execution of our localisation strategy, which is a key pillar for our operations in Taiwan.

A naval architect by training, Harry has more than 20 years of experience under his belt, seeing through numerous projects from requirements gathering, technical feasibility analysis and supervision of shipyards through to projects commissioning. His extensive portfolio spans across wind turbine blades, wind turbine installation vessels, crew transfer vessels, and other specialised vessels.

Harry is a member of the auditing team at the Bureau of Energy (BOE) in Taiwan for onshore wind farms. He holds a Master of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from National Taiwan University. 

Fang Chang | Marketing Executive

Fang Chang, a local Taiwanese,  joined POSH Kerry Renewables as a Marketing Executive under the company’s flagship talent development program, targeted at grooming promising local talent for our business. 

Prior to joining POSH Kerry Renewables, she was Management Trainee with Kerry TJ Logistics – the largest third party logistics provider in Taiwan – where she exposed to various functions including commercial, marketing, operations and human resources. 

Fang is a graduate from Parana West State University (in Foz do Iguassu, Brazil) and is well versed in multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Andrew Duncan | General Manager, Offshore Accommodation

Andrew Duncan is the General Manager, Offshore Accommodation Division in POSH with a focus in the offshore renewables sector. He is responsible for the commercial matters of shallow water offshore accommodation vessels with purview extending across walk-to-work, construction and subsea inspection, maintenance and repair, service operations vessels and crew transfer vessels. 

Andrew has more than 15 years of experience in the offshore marine business. He joined POSH in 2015 as Marketing Manager, and was instrumental in the business development effort for the accommodation fleet, which comprises vessels with capacity ranging from 80 to 750-pax on board. Prior to joining POSH, Andrew worked as a shipbroker in Clarksons, handling chartering as well as the sale and purchase of offshore support vessels. 

Andrew graduated from Glasgow College of Nautical Science and holds a National Diploma in Nautical Science.

Finnick Liu | Senior Port Captin & DPA

Finnick, a local Taiwanese, is the Port Captain at POSH Kerry Renewables and is based at Taichung. He oversees the operational management of its fleet and ensures our crew can perform their work safely and effectively.

Prior to joining POSH, he worked at the Taiwan International Windpower Training Center as a Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Instructor, developing and conducting training in accordance with international regulations for wind power industry personnel. He has also worked in various roles across the marine and logistics sectors including providing risk assessment as well as ensuring crew and passenger safety.

Finnick graduated from the National Taiwan Ocean University and holds a Bachelor of Merchant Marine. He is fluent in English, Chinese and Taiwanese.