POSH Kerry Renewables and National Taiwan Ocean University to jointly offer first-ever offshore Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) training for seafarers in Taiwan

POSH Kerry Renewables (“POSH Kerry”) and the National Taiwan Ocean University (“NTOU”) have teamed up to introduce Taiwan’s first-ever offshore Fast Rescue Craft ("FRC”) training for local crew members, in line with POSH Kerry’s commitment to nurture local talent in Taiwan’s offshore wind industry.

As part of the programme, local crew members attended a training spanning four days, from 11 December 2020 to 14 December 2020, which was observed under strict safe distancing measures including mandatory wearing of masks.

Among those who completed the course were 15 Taiwanese seafarers from POSH Kerry.

Senior instructors from NTOU were invited to conduct the four-day programme on board POSH GAYA, a Fire Fighting Vessel sailing under the flag of Taiwan. Besides lessons on how to operate, deploy, launch and navigate FRCs as well as gaining in-depth knowledge on the structure and equipment of FRCs, POSH Kerry crew personnel also received hands-on training. The practical training equipped seafarers with skills and experience in operating the fast rescue boats and increase their familiarity with FRC operations so that they can better respond quickly in case of an emergency. 

As pictured above, crew members meticulously carried out instructions given by the instructor.

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, POSH Kerry will continue to hone and upskill our local crew members in the offshore wind industry through specialised international training programmes. 

POSH Kerry Renewables participates in Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan 2020

Highlights of Global Offshore Wind Summit - Taiwan Virtual 2020

Last month, POSH Kerry Renewables (“POSH Kerry”) participated in the virtual Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan 2020, organised by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan’s (ECCT) Low Carbon Initiative (LCI).

The three-day event, held over 12-14 October 2020, gathered more than 650 industry leaders and government officials to explore the most urgent challenges and opportunities in Taiwan’s offshore wind sector.

Mr Shen Jong Chin, Vice Premier of Executive Yuan of Taiwan, and Ms Wang Mei Hua, Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, delivered the welcome address during the summit, where Ms Wang highlighted the growing success of Taiwan’s offshore wind industry thus far.

At POSH Kerry’s virtual booth, visitors got to know about our vision and unique proposition as a one-stop solutions provider in Taiwan’s offshore renewables space. With an extensive track record in specialised offshore marine support, multi-modal logistics and design and fabrication of offshore structures, POSH Kerry is a partner-of-choice to our customers and will continue to provide comprehensive supply chain and offshore marine solutions for their specific needs.

For more information, check out ECCT’s summit report here.

POSH Kerry Renewables explores trends and opportunities at the Taiwan Wind Industry Association’s Annual General Meeting

Harry Wu, Senior Manager of Business Development at POSH Kerry Renewables and Fang Chang, Marketing Executive at POSH Kerry Renewables, participating at TWIA’s Annual General Meeting

This October, POSH Kerry Renewables (“POSH Kerry”) participated in the Annual General Meeting organized by Taiwan’s largest wind energy association Taiwan Wind Industry Association (TWIA), to explore upcoming trends and opportunities in the renewables sector. The event gathered association members and industry leaders across the country to discuss the development of the wind power industry in Taiwan and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

POSH Kerry is currently the only offshore vessel service provider among the 84 association members which include large-scale wind turbine and wind farm construction companies in Taiwan.

The meeting was graced by Mr Lin Chuan-Neng, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of Taiwan who expressed his confidence that Taiwan’s wind energy industry will be able to serve as a launchpad for the rest of the Asia Pacific region. Various TWIA members also shared their future plans in the region during the session.

With access to a diverse offshore fleet that can serve multiple clients in the value chain and leveraging on the expertise of our offshore marine and logistics partners, POSH Kerry, as a local Taiwanese setup, is well-placed as a partner-of-choice to support Taiwan’s offshore renewables sector.

As we grow and maintain strong momentum in Taiwan, POSH Kerry will continue to participate actively through TWIA and support the Taiwan government in advancing offshore renewable energy and marine industries.

POSH Kerry Renewables distributes ‘Care and Share’ packages to Taiwan Crew

Over the course of the last few weeks, our team in Taichung distributed “Care and Share” packages to our crew in Taiwan to express our appreciation to our seafarers who have been away from their families, working tirelessly to provide essential services and keep operations running smoothly for our customers.

These care packages, each containing a box of masks and sanitisers or wipes, were distributed to each crew member in Taiwan as they signed off at the Port of Taichung to return to their loved ones. They were a small gesture from POSH Kerry to show our gratitude and help them and their families keep safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and well-being of our crew and their families are our priority and we will continue to ensure this on board our vessels and across all our operations by observing strictly all necessary screening, distancing and general safety measures.

POSH Kerry’s success is dependent on our greatest asset – Our People. We are proud of our seafarers who have been incredibly resilient during this period and grateful for their dedication and sacrifice so that we can remain “business as usual” - safely - amid these unprecedented times.


POSH Kerry Renewables’ Management visits our first ROC-flagged vessel POSH Pahlawan

In March 2020, Mr Kelvin Teo, Managing Director of POSH Kerry Renewables (“POSH Kerry”), visited our 5,000BHP Anchor Handling Tug (“AHT”) POSH Pahlawan in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, together with our local on-shore fleet management team, as part of the management vessel visit.

The 5,000 BHP POSH Pahlawan is POSH Kerry’s first ever Republic of China (ROC) flagged vessel amongst the POSH fleet, excluding 2 units of Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) under the JV, which were already reflagged to ROC back in July 2019. She has worked in Taiwan since 2018 and completed various projects for offshore wind clients.

During the visit, Kelvin met with our local Taiwanese officers and crew to gain a better understanding of their experiences living and working onboard.

POSH Kerry is committed to conducting regular management visits which are crucial in ensuring that our seafarers can communicate their feedback directly to management and are kept updated on our latest developments. It also serves an opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to safety as one team.

From offshore crew and seafarers to shore-based employees, POSH Kerry’s success is dependent on our greatest asset – Our People. We look forward to supporting our customers in the offshore renewable space as a one-stop solutions provider in Taiwan and beyond.


POSH Kerry Renewables’ Fleet Management Team moves to new office location in Taichung

The onshore Fleet Management Team at POSH Kerry Renewables is excited to have moved to a new office location since 1st Mar 2020. The new office is located near the Port of Taichung, in Wuqi District, Taiwan, to better support our customers near the surrounding offshore wind farms.

In addition to our HQ in Taipei, the strategic location of the new fleet management office at Taichung means POSH Kerry is well-positioned to offer prompt assistance to our customers, including on-site support for vessel inspections and day-to-day vessel operations.

Sitting at the Taichung office are our three Taiwanese colleagues, comprising of our Port Captain, Port Engineer and our Crewing Executive.

POSH is pleased to maintain its strong growth momentum in Taiwan and will continue to support the government’s plans to advance its offshore renewable energy and marine industries and further do our part by cultivating a strong pipeline of local talent.

POSH Kerry Renewables sponsors the Annual Asia Offshore Wind Supply Chain Conference 2020


We are proud to announce that POSH Kerry Renewables is a sponsor of the Annual Asia Offshore Wind Supply Chain Conference, the first conference in Asia Pacific dedicated to the supply chain development of the offshore wind industry.

In its second year running, the Annual Asia Offshore Wind Supply Chain Conference is organised by Asia Wind Energy Association in conjunction with World Forum Offshore Wind and Intercon. The conference will gather professionals from the offshore wind industry on 4th March 2020 at the Kaoshiung Exhibition Center in Kaoshiung, Taiwan.


Following our successful participation in the 1st offshore wind farm in Taiwan in 2019 and having expanded our fleet of ROC-flagged vessels in 1Q 2020, we look forward to connecting with all potential clients and exploring how we could assist them in their local requirements in this coming March. 


POSH Kerry Renewables discusses opportunities for the sector at the 7th Asia Offshore Wind Day in Taipei

Mr Kelvin Teo, Managing Director, POSH Kerry Renewables, delivering his keynote at the 7th Asia Offshore Wind Day in Taipei, Taiwan on 15 October 2019.

POSH Kerry Renewables (“POSH Kerry”), the joint venture between PACC Offshore Services Holdings and Kerry TJ Logistics, recently participated in the 7th Asia Offshore Wind Day in Taipei, Taiwan, on 15 October 2019, which brought together industry leaders from across the offshore renewables sector in Asia.

Mr Kelvin Teo, Managing Director, POSH Kerry, presented and spoke on a panel at the “Supply Chain and Localisation” session, touching on the rapidly growing offshore wind sector in Taiwan and beyond, and how POSH Kerry is uniquely positioned to capture the many opportunities on tap.

In what will be a highly vessel-intensive industry, Mr Teo explained POSH Kerry’s unique proposition in Taiwan. Leveraging on the respective offshore marine and logistics expertise of its partners, with access to a fleet that can serve the entire value chain as well as its Kuok Group parentage, the Company is well-placed as a partner of choice for customers.

POSH Kerry has the further advantage of best-in-class partnerships including with Seagreen Enterprise, Rolls Royce (recently bought over by Kongsberg) and World Marine Offshore, and is deeply committed to localisation, with a strong Taiwanese core and participation in various local wind and maritime organisations.

With a series of contract wins already under its belt, POSH Kerry will continue to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of supply chain and offshore marine solutions suited to their specific needs in the offshore wind space. Taiwan will also serve as its potential launchpad into neighbouring markets, as POSH Kerry continues to grow and hone its expertise in the field.

POSH Kerry Renewables Celebrates the Festive Season with our Taiwanese Crew


As we ramped up our operations in Taiwan for our renewables sector this year, we also recognise the hard work and dedication which our Taiwanese crew has put in for us to have been able to have done so.

Our local team at Taichung took some time off to celebrate their achievement in 2019, especially the successful participation in Formosa 1 Phase 2, the very 1st commercial offshore wind farm in Taiwan.

Life at sea can be exciting and challenging at the same time, and many of our crew spend an extended period away from their family and loved ones.

The hard work they put in never goes unnoticed, and we look forward to another year of growth and achievements together.







Reflections: Three things I learned from my overseas attachment at POSH

In May this year, Fang Chang, our Taiwanese Marketing Executive colleague from POSH Kerry Renewables, underwent a one-week attachment at POSH’s Singapore office. In order to help her better understand the intricacies of the Group’s different business functions and the behind the scenes work that make a successful offshore marine operator, she was attached to our Offshore Supply Vessels (“OSV”) division.

She shares her reflections on her stint with us.


My attachment programme lasted from 13 May to 17 May 2019, during which I worked alongside several business units. It was absolutely eye opening to see how our Singapore headquarters ran their office. I was also grateful to have had the chance to meet colleagues from all the four business units, namely, Offshore Supply Vessels ("OSV"), Offshore Accommodation ("OA"), Transportation & Installation ("T&I"), and Harbour Services & Emergency Response ("HSER").

Even though my time here was brief, I learnt many valuable lessons, which are very applicable to my career at POSH Kerry Renewables.

Collaboration across Business Functions

One key lesson I learnt was that a company needs to work closely together across functions. During my attachment with the OSV division, I had the opportunity to witness how a Charter Party was drafted and understand the commercial implications and terms. Other contract intricacies I learnt include insurance, risk, and how different payment terms all play a part in the way a contract is negotiated. All these required  different business functions to work hand in hand at every step, and I am grateful for the guidance I’ve had along the way. At the end of my attachment, I was able to confidently arrive at a costing for a mobilisation and demobilisation charter, as well as draft a Charter Party agreement.

Passion and Ownership

The second key takeaway during my stint is the importance of passion. Through my conversations with various people, I realised that passion is the most prevalent theme driving this group of individuals forward. The offshore industry is niche and not easy to navigate as the safety of our crew is at the center of our business – this requires deep commitment to the job from various functions. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such an experienced, passionate and dynamic team and witness first-hand their sense of ownership and responsibility.

Getting Closer to our Customers

Lastly, I learnt that working in a commercial environment not only requires having a good grasp of market sentiment or “head knowledge”, but also requires building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, which includes constantly pre-empting what they need and offering them suitable solutions. It is important to be able to constantly engage and innovate for our clients in order to remain competitive in this industry.

Following my stint in Singapore, I am excited to hit the ground running now that I am back in Taiwan. The demand for renewables has been growing faster than expected, and it is reassuring to see that our team at POSH is committed to delivering quality solutions to our clients, and I am privileged to be a part of this.  


Fang Chang, third from left, at a meeting with POSH Fleet Services and CR Classification Society during her one-week attachment in Singapore


About PACC Offshore Services Holdings (“POSH”)

Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the Singapore Exchange, POSH is a leading offshore marine services provider with more than 60 years of operating experience in offshore and marine oilfield services. With a young and diverse fleet of over 100 offshore vessels, POSH is known as a best-in-class service provider serving multiple segments of the offshore energy value chain and readily transferable expertise for the offshore wind sector.

POSH Kerry is a joint venture between leading offshore marine operator PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd (“POSH”) and Asia’s premier logistics service provider Kerry TJ Logistics (”Kerry TJ”).