Reflections: Three things I learned from my overseas attachment at POSH

June 17, 2019

In May this year, Fang Chang, our Taiwanese Marketing Executive colleague from POSH Kerry Renewables, underwent a one-week attachment at POSH’s Singapore office. In order to help her better understand the intricacies of the Group’s different business functions and the behind the scenes work that make a successful offshore marine operator, she was attached to our Offshore Supply Vessels (“OSV”) division.

She shares her reflections on her stint with us.


My attachment programme lasted from 13 May to 17 May 2019, during which I worked alongside several business units. It was absolutely eye opening to see how our Singapore headquarters ran their office. I was also grateful to have had the chance to meet colleagues from all the four business units, namely, Offshore Supply Vessels ("OSV"), Offshore Accommodation ("OA"), Transportation & Installation ("T&I"), and Harbour Services & Emergency Response ("HSER").

Even though my time here was brief, I learnt many valuable lessons, which are very applicable to my career at POSH Kerry Renewables.

Collaboration across Business Functions

One key lesson I learnt was that a company needs to work closely together across functions. During my attachment with the OSV division, I had the opportunity to witness how a Charter Party was drafted and understand the commercial implications and terms. Other contract intricacies I learnt include insurance, risk, and how different payment terms all play a part in the way a contract is negotiated. All these required  different business functions to work hand in hand at every step, and I am grateful for the guidance I’ve had along the way. At the end of my attachment, I was able to confidently arrive at a costing for a mobilisation and demobilisation charter, as well as draft a Charter Party agreement.

Passion and Ownership

The second key takeaway during my stint is the importance of passion. Through my conversations with various people, I realised that passion is the most prevalent theme driving this group of individuals forward. The offshore industry is niche and not easy to navigate as the safety of our crew is at the center of our business – this requires deep commitment to the job from various functions. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such an experienced, passionate and dynamic team and witness first-hand their sense of ownership and responsibility.

Getting Closer to our Customers

Lastly, I learnt that working in a commercial environment not only requires having a good grasp of market sentiment or “head knowledge”, but also requires building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, which includes constantly pre-empting what they need and offering them suitable solutions. It is important to be able to constantly engage and innovate for our clients in order to remain competitive in this industry.

Following my stint in Singapore, I am excited to hit the ground running now that I am back in Taiwan. The demand for renewables has been growing faster than expected, and it is reassuring to see that our team at POSH is committed to delivering quality solutions to our clients, and I am privileged to be a part of this.  


Fang Chang, third from left, at a meeting with POSH Fleet Services and CR Classification Society during her one-week attachment in Singapore


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